Brake And Clutch

Brake and Clutch Service And Repairs

Brake Service And Repairs

Servicing your bakes is extremely important to the safety of your vehicle. Finding problems before they become a major issue is the best way to ensure that your brakes always remain safe and reliable. D&N Auto Repairs only use the highest quality brake parts according to manufacturer specifications so your brake system run smoothly and safely.

Brake services we offer:

  • Front & Rear Reline
  • Disc & Drum Machining
  • Disc Grinding
  • Caliper servicing
  • Wheel cylinder replacement and service
  • Hydraulic Service
  • Disc Rotors Replacement

 Clutch Servicing and Replacement

You should always have your clutch checked and properly inspected by an expert. D&N Auto Repairs offer a complete brake and clutch service for all types types of vehicles. We recommend the brands Daikin and PBR.

From street cars to race cars and 4WDs, D&N Auto repairs has the right performance clutch for you. We offer the world’s leading manufacturer of OEM replacement clutches.


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