D&N Auto Repairs now supplying Delkor batteries

High quality maintenance-free design at an affordable price

D&N Auto Repairs Blacktown are now supplying Delkor batteries, a high quality maintenance-free design at an affordable price. Delkor batteries offer quality and durability, outlasting almost any other battery,  consistently delivering power in extreme deep cycle situations.

A Delkor battery also shines in the marine environment and can be used as a marine battery with a specially designed marine range capable of starting and deep cycling, give the best of both worlds.

Advantages of Delkor calcium batteries:

  • Distributed worldwide, and are covered by an Australia wide warranty using a large dealer network.
  • Minimal self-discharge; can sit for a long time without requiring to be recharged.
  • Sealed maintenance free design, no more tedious topping up with distilled water.
  • In built flame arrestor to prevent possibility of an explosion from an external spark.
  • Inbuilt hydrometer for easily checking the state of charge, helpful if the battery is not getting regular use, e.g. antique cars, boats and caravans.
  • Heat sealed cover to prevent leakage and contamination to the battery.
  • Wrought lead calcium grids to reduce the gassing and resistance to overcharge and thermal runaway. (ideal batteries for taxi)
  • Liquid gas separator which prevents electrolyte loss by collecting the vapour and returning it back into liquid into the battery.
  • Premium products have a silver additive improving CCA and performing well in extreme heat.
  • Reinforced polypropylene case for resistance to vibration and road shock damage.
  • Large range of marine & deep cycle batteries all with dual terminal with stainless steel thread and wing nut.
  • Fold down handles for easy fitment.
  • Hot melt is used for locking the plates together inside the case improving the battery in vibration prone situations.
  • Delkor manufacture for a large range of big manufacturers such as AC Delco, Mitsubishi, Honda, Bosch, Daewoo and Hyundai.

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